With RapidValue you can design and deploy BPM to deliver empowerment to your employees.

RapidValue turns mastering BPM into a structured, easy-to-follow progression. Beyond the initial ERP implementation and training, RapidValue serves as a unified BPM solution that drives value and agility, and that helps you align your evolving company goals and strategies with teams in geographically distributed operations and multiple technology solutions and providers. Using the BPM lifecycle stages of Define, Model, Implement, Monitor, Measure, and Optimize, RapidValue lets you synchronize all aspects of your organization in a highly transparent and efficient manner.

This RapidValue solution describes how you can use RapidValue to design your business model for today and tomorrow.

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Design your business model for today and tomorrow. Design the strategy, goals, value streams, and organizational structure to bring your business model to life. Within that model, you can design process flows. You connect the business model to the process model to make it transparent. Then you connect to your chosen technology by mapping your enterprise architecture and its business applications to the process model. These three layers will connect effectively so everyone in the business can understand how they contribute value and how they collaborate with others.


With RapidValue, a customer implementation will typically start off with copy of a standard solution, which can be modified to address specific customer needs and requirements. RapidValue offers an effective and intuitive way to capture and visualize the scope and gaps in a given customer implementation scenario.

  • Understand the customer's business. This could be from background reading, research, interviews and site visits/factory tours.
  • Often, the customer will match an existing industry model, so this can be copied across to form a start point. If not, the steps are like developing an industry model.
  • Review the draft customer solution with the customer in workshops. This could involve key players from all departments or be themed by area (for example: production). A guide to which key players to invite to each workshop is in the roles in the standard processes.

In a nutshell, RapidValue is all about shifting focus from applications to business in customer implementations.

Note : During implementation, you can use the RapidValue security roles You can assign your RapidValue content development team members to these roles. See also: 'RapidValue security roles'.

Training and learning

Use RapidValue - Business process training to set up and provide training based on the business processes as defined in RapidValue.