Security and compliance studio

Use the Security and compliance studio to manage, audit, and optimize your security configuration in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. In Security and compliance studio, the functionality is divided across these workspaces:

  • Security management
  • Integrated risk management
  • Security audit
  • License optimization
  • Security and compliance file share

In D365 FO, the security configuration is very important as the assigned security roles on users directly reflects the license usage. Therefore, the security configuration is, besides helping users in their daily work by delimiting access to unused areas, also a cost issue. You can use the Security and compliance studio to help you delimit license usage.

You can also use the Security and compliance studio for security configuration and history auditing purposes.

If you can't find the information you are looking for, you can:

Manage security

Use the Security management workspace to manage your security configuration.

Manage risks

Use the Integrated risk management workspace to manage the operational risks for your company.

You can also manage the enhanced segregation of duties rules. With the enhanced segregation rules, you can not only define segregation rules on duty level, but also on privilege level and entry point level.

Audit security

Use the Security audit workspace to audit your security configuration.

Optimize licenses

Use the License optimization workspace to:

  • Calculate and analyze the number of actual and remaining users for each license type.
  • Review, for each license type, the related users.
  • Explore the security configuration to see where you can reduce license costs.

Manage shared files

You can use the Security and compliance file share workspace to manage files that are used in Security and compliance studio.

You can manage these types of files:
  • Task recording files
  • Image files

Define basic settings