The licensing model of D365 FO is changed. Previously, for D365 FO, these license types were available:

  • Operations
  • Activity user
  • Team member
Currently, the previous operations license type is split into these base license types:
  • Finance (Finance)
  • SCM (Supply Chain Management)
  • Retail (Retail)
  • ProjectOperations (Project Operations)
Each full user must have a base license. And if required, for each user, you can add these attach licenses:
  • Finance (Finance)
  • SCM (Supply Chain Management)
  • Retail (Retail)
  • Talent (Talent)
  • EAM (Asset Management)
  • ProjectOperations (Project Operations)
To show the required new license types in Security and compliance studio, refresh the new license type information. The new license types are refreshed based on the latest snapshot of the security configuration.
As a result, the applicable new license types are retrieved and shown in the Security explorer for each of these securable objects:
  • Users
  • Roles
  • Duties
  • Privileges
  • Entry points
Also, on other forms, the new license types are filled after refreshing the licenses. The New license type field is shown on each form where the User license field is shown.
The new license types can be shown in these formats:
  • One license type: Only the shown base license is required.
  • Several license types with plusses: All shown licenses are required. Use one of the shown licenses as base license and the other shown licenses as attached license. Example: Finance+SCM.
  • Several license types with forward slashes: One of the shown base licenses is required. No attached licenses are required. Example: Finance/SCM/Retail.
  • Any base license: Any of the base licenses is required. It doesn't matter which one.

Standard procedure

1. Click License optimization.
2. Click Security explorer.
3. Click Refresh licenses.
4. Sub-task: Refresh licenses in batch.
  4.1 Expand the Run in the background section.
  4.2 You can create snapshots in batch. So, it is run in the background.
  Select Yes in the Batch processing field and fill in the other batch fields as required.
  4.3 You can create snapshots in a recurring pattern.
  Click Recurrence and define the recurrence settings.
  4.4 Click OK.
5. Click OK.


The previous D365 FO license types are still shown in the User license type field. The user license type is filled automatically. So, it is not related to Refresh licenses function.

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