D365 FO provides a default set of classifications for the kinds of data that are stored in each table. These classifications are subject to change depending on the need to identify different kinds of data. The actual classification for each field in each table can change at any time, depending on differing needs for identifying data.
In Security and compliance studio, you can monitor all defined field asset classifications in the Asset classification chart.

The asset classification chart shows:
  • How the defined asset classifications are divided over the used classifications.
  • The number of fields with an asset classification defined for each classification.
If you click a classification on the chart, the asset classification overview is opened. It shows all tables that have at least one field with the clicked asset classification.

Standard procedure

1. Click Security audit.
2. Click the Asset classification tab.
3. Click Asset classification chart.
4. To view the details of a classification, on the chart, click the classification area.
5. The asset classification overview shows all tables that have at least one field with the clicked classification.
  Close the page.
6. Close the page.
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