You can export sensitive data access setup to a Microsoft Excel file for further analysis.
You can choose to export:

  • All data of the sensitive data access setup.
  • Only the sensitive data access setup that is related to a pinned security object in the security configuration.
For example, for a pinned duty, you can export sensitive data setup for:
  • The related roles.
  • The users that are assigned to these roles.
  • The related privileges.
  • The entry points of these privileges.

Standard procedure

1. Click Security audit.
2. Click Manage sensitive data access.
3. You can pin a securable object to only export the sensitive data access setup for the related references.
In this task guide, as an example, you select and pin a duty.
  In the Duties pane, in the list, find and select the desired record.
4. Click Pin duty.
5. You can also export additional data for the selection of securable objects. This additional data is only exported if the Advanced view is active.
The additional data is the:
- (Highest) license type or entry point type.
- AOT name or identifier.
  Click Advanced view.
6. Click Export to Excel.

Note: As a result, the data is exported to a Microsoft Excel file. The file is downloaded to your downloads folder from where you can open it.
If you pinned a securable object before you exported the data, it is shown in red in the Microsoft Excel file.

7. Close the page.

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