To apply the table field permissions as defined for a table security record, you must override these permissions on the applicable roles.

Standard procedure

1. Click Security management.
2. Click the Data security tab.
3. In the upper pane, find and select the desired record.
4. Click Override permissions on roles.
5. In the list, find and select the roles to which the permissions must be assigned.
6. Click OK.
7. Each changed security role must be published to become effective. You can choose to directly publish the changed security role. Otherwise, you must publish it from the Unpublished objects.
  Click Yes.
8. It can be that a selected security role currently does not have access or has a lower access level to a table or table field. If so, you are asked if you want to set or increase the access level for the whole table or only for the applicable field.
Usually, you click No to keep license costs as low as possible. Only click Yes if the higher access level is required for the whole table.
  Click No.


Each override of permissions on roles is logged in the data security history. You can view this history in these places:

  • On the Security management workspace or the Security audit workspace, on the Data security tab, on the History tab.
  • On the Table security page, in the History FactBox.

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