You can extend an existing table security recording with additionally recorded table fields.

Standard procedure

1. Click Security management.
2. Click the Data security tab.
3. In the list, find and select the desired record.
4. Click Extend recording.

Note: Continue with these steps which can't be played in a task guide:
5. Navigate to the page for which you want to set or change the permissions.
6. Click the plus (+) symbol for fields to be added to the recording.
7. On the Record table security dialog, click Stop recording.
8. On the Record table security dialog, in the Access right field, select the desired option.
9. You can also delete a recorded field from the recording. To do so, select the field, and click Delete.
10. If you are done, close the dialog.


Each change to a table security recording is logged in the data security history. You can view this history in these places:

  • On the Security management workspace or the Security audit workspace, on the Data security tab, on the History tab.
  • On the Table security page, in the History FactBox.

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