You create snapshots to be able to use these Security and compliance studio functions:
  • Security explorer
  • Match roles
  • Compare snapshots
A snapshot is an image of the security configuration at a specific date and time. A snapshot consists of:

  • All securable objects: roles, duties, privileges, and entry points, with the related license type and access level.
  • The associations between the securable objects: user-role, role-duty, role-privilege, duty-privilege, and privilege-entry point.

You create a snapshot in these cases:

  • The first time you want to explore the security configuration or match roles.
  • Changes are made to the security configuration. So, these changes become available for the security explorer or match roles function.
  • You want to compare the current security configuration with a previous security configuration.

You are advised to create snapshots:

  • In batch, if you frequently make changes to the security configuration.
  • In the background, because the creation of a snapshot can take quite some time.

Standard procedure

1. Click Security management.
2. Click the Snapshots tab.
3. Click Create snapshot.
4. Sub-task: Set recurrence and background processing.
  4.1 Expand the Run in the background section.
  4.2 You can create snapshots in batch. So, it is run in the background.
  Select Yes in the Batch processing field and fill in the other batch fields as required.
  4.3 You can create snapshots in a recurring pattern.
  Click Recurrence and define the recurrence settings.
  4.4 Click OK.
5. Click OK.

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