You can apply a filter to business process hierarchies to only show the business processes that meet the defined conditions.

This topic explains how to set up a business process hierarchy filter.
You can also set a filter from the Apply business process hierarchy filter dialog. To do so, click New.

Standard procedure

1. Click Business process management.
2. Click Filter.
3. Click New.
4. In the Filter field, type a value.
5. A filter is solution-specific because you filter on specific values as used in a solution.
  In the Solution field, enter or select a value.
6. Enter a meaningful description for the filter.
7. Sub-task: Define filter conditions.
  7.1 Define the conditions to be met for the filter.
  Click the Conditions tab.

Note: You can define several conditions for each filter.

  7.2 Click Add condition.
  7.3 Define the field based on which value you want to filter.
  In the Field name field, enter or select a value.

Note: Besides fields of the business process table, you can also filter on Category.

  7.4 Define the field value based on which you want to filter.
  In the Value field, enter or select a value.
8. Close the page.
9. Close the page.

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