With Master data management (MDM studio) for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (D365 FO), you can manage your data over several environments. Enterprises often have several companies in their D365 FO environment and accompany this with several other external applications and resources.One of the most important things to ensure reliable information is to make sure that the data in all these environments is the same and up to date.

Use MDM studio to simplify and optimize the data management capabilities. 

Use MDM studio to manage specific data/records in one company and distribute this data to several other companies and applications So, you maintain this data centrally instead of decentrally in several environments. 
Examples what you can do with MDM studio are:   
  • Set up a temporary journal (regardless of the type of data) where you can store data before receiving it in the target company (this is called a 'staging journal').
  • Distribute master record(s) to several companies at once.
  • Set up scenarios for MDM entities.

MDM studio benefits are: 
  • It is built on top of Connectivity studio.
  • You can send data to generic staging journals before it is received.
  • You can combine several companies to send data in one go.
  • MDM studio is designed for the functional oriented employee who works with Master data every day. 
  • You can track and trace MDM studio transactions with history management.

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