DynaRent Mobile

Use the DynaRent Mobile app to assist your field engineers in their daily service and maintenance tasks.

If you can't find the information you are looking for, you can:

Use the DynaRent Mobile app

Use the DynaRent Mobile app to assist you, as a field engineer, in your service and maintenance tasks.

Manage DynaRent Mobile-related data in D365 FO

The DynaRent Mobile app is used to work remotely on scheduled service and maintenance tasks.

The tasks, as shown in the DynaRent Mobile app, are prepared and scheduled in D365 FO.

In D365 FO, you can review and manage the:

  • Work order line transactions that are a result of activities done in the DynaRent Mobile app.
  • Notifications that are generated in D365 FO and pushed to the DynaRent Mobile app.

Set up DynaRent Mobile

Set up and define the basic settings to enable working with the DynaRent Mobile app.

Setup is required in:

  • Power Platform admin center
  • Power Apps
  • D365 FO
  • DynaRent Mobile app