DynaRent Customer Portal

The DynaRent Customer Portal gives rental company customers insight in:

  • The equipment they have rented from the rental company.
  • The related rental orders.
  • The related rental invoices.

As a rental company, you can provide your customers with the DynaRent Customer Portal.

If you can't find the information you are looking for, you can:

Working with the DynaRent Customer Portal

Use the DynaRent Customer Portal to get insight in your rental information.

The topics in this section describe how you, as an employee of the organization that rents equipment from the rental company, can use and set up the DynaRent Customer Portal.

Managing DynaRent Customer Portal in D365 FO

The topics in this section describe how you, as a rental company employee, can set up and manage the DynaRent Customer Portal-related data in D365 FO.