You can get validation errors or warnings on the received item number, name, or bar code in the EDI sales order. This can be another number, name, or bar code than you use for the related item. For example, a customer sends an external bar code to order the item.
In this case, you can add an item cross reference. An item cross reference indicates which item to deliver for an external item number, name, or bar code. For example, the customer has ordered paracetamol with a bar code of a brand that you don't have. But you have the same paracetamol in another brand. With the item cross reference between the bar code of the ordered brand and your item, the sales line can be approved on validation.
The search sequence for the applicable item cross reference is from specific to general:
  1. Origin, Customer, Item, External item
  2. Origin, Item, External item
  3. Item, External item

Standard procedure

1. Go to EDI > Common > EDI sales order.
2. In the list, find the desired EDI sales order and click the link.
3. In the Lines section, click Item cross reference.
4. Click New.
5. In the Origin field, enter or select a value.
6. In the Customer account field, enter or select a value.
7. In the Item number field, enter or select the item to which the external item number, name, or bar code applies.
8. In the GLN code field, enter the external item number, name, or bar code for the item.
9. Close the page.
10. Close the page.
11. Close the page.


You can only use item cross references for customers for which you allow item cross references in the party setup. To do so, on the Customers page, on the Action pane, on the Customer tab, in the EDI group, click Party setup. In the Items section, set the Item cross reference field to Yes.

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